Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy busy bee!

Posted by Leslie at 12:20 AM
It's been crazy around here. Sometimes I wonder if I spread myself too thin. I did an audition tonight with my oldest boy for Miracle on 34th Street. I think I nailed my singing audition .. so I am hoping to know if I got a role by Friday. I actually asked for one of the smaller roles in the musical. I was going to do that part in another show this summer but I ended up having Milo the day of the main dress rehearsal. So.... that didn't happen. My son played... well my son. He did the show, I didn't. So we both tried for those parts again. Crossing our fingers we got it. It'd be nice to do a show together again.

In other news.... I got ENGAGED on Sunday. :) I am beyond happy. & still shocked. We are getting my ring on Friday.. it was so impromptu we didn't even have that. But it's something I never thought would occur. So having my rainbow & a future wedding.. I am the happiest woman in the world right now. If I get a part in the show.. I will say that 2011 is officially my favorite year of all time. I am making a wedding blog so I don't clutter this place with it. I will link to it here when it's done.

Milo is doing well. Had a good Exorcist-style spit up earlier, but I shifted the way I burped him & it seems to be helping. I am not sure if the Zantac is working or not. But he seems happy either way. He has a ped appointment this Friday. I am hoping he's gained a good amount of weight. All in all..things are good!

Through the grey skies.. I see blue.


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